We offer training for athletes of all ages. All sessions are first-come, first-serve!


Private Skills Coach

More information coming soon!

Personal skill development is key if you want to level up, and we’re going to help you get there! We will be offering individual skill development sessions both on and off the ice as well as small group sessions of 10 to 15 players if requested.

These sessions will help form players into well-rounded athletes. Coaches will work to improve a player’s on-ice skill set, growing their hockey IQ in video sessions, and/or improving athletic abilities during off-ice training sessions.


1.Skating/Power skating 2.Stick-handling

3.Shooting/Scoring 4.Battling/Checking

5.Forward-Specific Skills 6. Defense-Specific Skills


Coaches will work with players to improve their power, speed, and agility. Players will go through well-designed programs to build their core muscles and improve their endurance, which will help them win games.

Video Session

Coaches will analyze a player’s game footage and offer feedback and suggestions. Players will also analyze pro hockey footage, and coaches will give pointers on how the player can implement the higher knowledge into their game. Video sessions will grow the players hockey IQ and improve their intuitiveness on the ice.

These sessions will mold players into well-rounded athletes, giving them a leg up on their competitors when it’s game time!